Thursday, February 9, 2017

YDLI 10 - Phase 1, Day 2: Gaining Great Insight Into Ourselves and How to Work More Effectively with Others

YDLI Class 10 had the first of three full days of training sessions this morning. After a brief welcome and a few words of inspiration from the YDLI Advisory Committee, Jill Tomac took the floor to lead a couple of different sessions for the group.

The first workshop was titled "Breaking Through Performance Barriers" and focused on helping everyone understand their own personal motivations and how they see the world, and understanding how that "life orientation" might differ from their colleagues and family members. All participants took an assessment prior to arriving in Phoenix, and those results were reviewed, providing insight into personal tendencies under normal everyday circumstances, and also when under stress.

Jill Tomac speaks with class members during her session, "Breaking Through Performance Barriers"

Rebecca Shaw presents her groups key discussion points.

Aaron Harris describes the strengths and weaknesses his group came up with, related to their personality tendencies.

Mitch Kappelman presents on behalf of his working group.
 After lunch, where everyone got to sit with and get to know the members of their YDLI Peer Groups, the class re-convened for the afternoon session, "Communicate to Influence and Impact." Tomac built on many of the principles learned during the morning session, and helped participants understand essential behaviors to help them build trust and enhance the performance of those around them. Finally, the group learned tips to help navigate difficult conversations and improve interactions with their colleagues and peers.

Holstein Foundation programs manager Jodi Hoynoski spent some time at the end of the day reviewing YDLI Phase 2 expectations, covering the various assignments the class will complete over the next twelve months.

After dinner, Paul Vitale delivered a keynote talk - "It's Your Life - Dominate It." With a series of candid stories and examples, Paul encouraged YDLIers to challenge themselves to make the most of each moment they are given, and provided inspiration to strive for excellence in their day to day work and interactions. Paul will take the stage again on Friday morning for a workshop on teamwork and leadership.

Thanks to the sponsors of today's workshops and keynote: Northeast Agricultural Education Foundation and CHS Foundation.

Phase 1 continues tomorrow through Saturday evening - follow along with our blog each day for more highlights from YDLI! To learn more about the program, visit the Holstein Foundation web site.

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