Wednesday, February 8, 2017

YDLI 10 Kicks Off Phase 1 in Phoenix with Dairy Tours & Welcome Reception

Sixty young adults from across the United States, Canada and Mexico are meeting in Phoenix, Az. this week for Phase 1 of the Holstein Foundation's Young Dairy Leaders Institute program.

Several participants arrived a little early to take part in some pre-conference dairy tours that were offered. The group started the day with a visit to Danzeisen Dairy; in addition to their milking herd, the Danzeisen family bottles their own milk and are proud to offer it to customers in the local Phoenix area. After lunch, they toured Rijlaarsdam Dairy in East Mesa, a family-owned dairy that milks approximately 2,000 cows three times a day.

Beautiful scenery is in no short supply in this part of the country!

 The official program began with a pool-side welcome reception on Wednesday evening. After a southwestern-themed meal, the YDLI Advisory Committee members helped the group get to know one another just a little bit better. After sharing some tips for networking and working a crowd, class members were challenged to mingle and find others who shared unique things in common with them, followed by a dairy-themed version of "The Newlywed Game" to see how much two people could learn about each other in a short amount of time!
Tom Thorbahn, Holstein Foundation board of trustees chairman, and Jodi Hoynoski, Holstein Foundation Programs Manager

Lindsey Woodrum and Benjamin Newberry share the most unique things they learned about each other during the networking activity
Rayne Ives reveals her answer to one of the questions in the YDLI version of "The Newlywed Game"

The Holstein Foundation would like to thank the YDLI Welcome Dinner & Networking Reception sponsor - Zoetis.

Phase 1 continues tomorrow through Saturday evening - follow along with our blog each day for more highlights from YDLI! To learn more about the program, visit the Holstein Foundation web site.

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