Monday, February 11, 2019

YDLI 11 - Day 4: Engaging Storytelling

The final day of YDLI 11's Phase 1 training was all about communication and learning to tell a story in an engaging, effective manner.

Michele Ruby lead the morning workshop, entitled "Here's My Story...and I'm Sticking To It." The focus was on helping each participant figure out what their "why" is - and then turn that into a core story that can be shared in any situation. Leading with the "why we do what we do", instead of "here is what we do," helps create a much more personalized message that helps non-farm audiences connect to the dairy community in a more relate-able way. Ruby also challenged several class members to answer difficult questions on camera, helped participants practice techniques for handling those questions when they may arise in any setting, and shared other tips on working with members of the media.

Class members work on drafting their "core stories" during the morning workshop. 
Taylor Leach (KS) and Michelle Halpin (IL) take turns practicing their core stories.

Henning Haaren shares his "why" with his classmates

Alisa Wood (AZ) handles tough questions during a mock interview. 
After lunch, Laura Daniels led a session on "Standing Up and Standing Out," aimed at preparing YDLIers for their Phase 2 assignment of delivering a presentation on a topic related to dairy, to a group in their home communities. The workshop started with an activity to help everyone discover what their individual learning style is - either visual, auditory or kinesthetic, and then Daniels discussed the importance of included all three elements when giving a presentation, and different ways to accomplish that. Participants learned the basic components of giving a great presentation, including a captivating opening story and identifying your "three rocks" (main ideas you want to convey). Finally, everyone took some time to develop an actual outline for a presentation that they could give.

Laura Daniels visits with Bo Harstine (OH) and Laura Shoemaker (NY)

Elizabeth Byers-Doten (IN) practices making good eye contact while giving a presentation.

Rocco Cunningham (CA) gives an overview of his presentation ideas to YDLI Advisory Committee member Rebecca Shaw.
To end the day, class members split out into their peer groups to review the Phase 2 assignments, and discuss their project ideas with their peer group members and mentors. It was extremely exciting to hear some of the interesting ideas that some already have. In additional to their Phase 2 project, all class members have monthly assignments that they will complete and share with their peer groups and mentors, to reinforce key learnings from Phase 1, and practice their advocacy skills. Phase 2 assignments include conducting some more non-farm consumer interviews, contacting local media and legislators, and giving a community presentation.

All of the class members wrote a goal for themselves on these cards, which are embedded with wildflower seeds and can be planted! Photo ©Heather Hunt
Saturday evening closed out with some fun - after a delicious dinner, the class split into teams and completed in a series of "Minute to Win It!" challenges, with plenty of friendly competition.

Carlos Alberto Perez Perez (PR) uses his singing talents to score some points for his team during "Minute to Win It"

"Team 2" came out victorious! Kameron Peschel (CO), Eli Caldera (TX), Brad Warmka (WI), Ben Smith (VA), Advisory Committee member Heather Hunt, Connor McCluskey (NY) and Megan Smith (PA)
YDLI Class 11 will meet back in Phoenix for Phase 3 training next year, February 5-8, 2020, where they will participate in another series of workshops focused on advanced communications training, leadership skills, and the public policy process.

Congratulations to YDLI Class 11 on completing Phase 1!

YDLI Advisory Committee Members Tyler Ribeiro, Lindsey Worden, Jolene Griffin, Jodi Hoynoski, Laura Daniels, Heather Hunt, Rebecca Shaw and Josh Hushon
The Holstein Foundation would like to offer a sincere thanks to the sponsors of Saturday's workshops and activities: Dairy Management Inc., Land O'Lakes and Allflex USA.

Learn more about Young Dairy Leaders Institute or add your name to the list to be notified when Class 12 applications become available at the Holstein Foundation web site!

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