Saturday, February 3, 2018

YDLI 10, Phase 3 - Day 2: Understanding Opposing Viewpoints and Embracing Your Leadership Journey

There was no time for sleeping in or getting off to a slow start on the second day of Phase 3 training for this YDLI class! The class had the opportunity to participate in discussion with Gene Baur, president of Farm Sanctuary, and organization with the mission statement, " To protect farm animals from cruelty, to inspire change in the way society views and treats farm animals, and to promote compassionate vegan living." Moderated by Dr. Wes Jamison, several class members asked questions about Baur's personal position on a variety of topics, as well as the goals of his organization. It was a lively yet respectful conversation, and the group was able to gain a greater understanding of the core values and areas of concern for those individuals and organizations who are championing the animal rights movement. 

Dr. Wes Jamison & Gene Baur

Aaron Harris (PA) and Melanie Herman (FL) ask questions to Baur during the opening session.

YDLIers discuss how to craft effective messages to connect with consumers. (L-R) Amy Yeiser Leslie (PA); Lindsey Rucks (FL); YDLI Advisory Committee member Jolene Griffin; and Brandon Kruswick (WI)
After lunch, the class shifted gears and the focus was on preparing for the next steps in their leadership journey, which for some may include serving on a local, county, state or national board of directors for an organization that is important them. Pete Kappelman once again took the mic and started by explaining the basic duties and responsibilities involved with serving on a board. Next, the class split into groups and practiced dealing with some real-life scenarios that they might face while serving on a board. The afternoon closed with some more inspiring Phase 2 reports.

Corey Kayhart (NY) reports out for his group during Kappelman's session

Amy Yeiser Leslie (PA) explain her groups' position on the activity during Friday afternoon's session
At dinner that evening, the Holstein Foundation recognized the 2018 YDLI Distinguished Alumni Leader, Nate Janssen from Illinois. Nate was a graduate of YDLI Class 4. One alumni is recognized each year for the who has made noteworthy contributions and applied skills gained during their YDLI experience for the advancement of the dairy industry. 

2018 YDLI Distinguished Alumni Leader award recipient Nate Janssen with Holstein Foundation chairman Pete Kappelman and Holstein Foundation Administration/Holstein Association USA CEO John M. Meyer
Also honored at the Friday night dinner was Matt Nuckols, YDLI Advisory Committee member from Virginia. Matt was a member of YDLI Class 7 and has severed on the advisory committee for the past three classes. His leadership on the committee will be dearly missed!

Outgoing YDLI Advisory Committee member Matt Nuckols shares some parting words with the group.
Saturday is the final day of Phase 3 training, and will focus on empowering YDLIers to affect public policy and increase their own personal influence, capping off with YDLI Class 10's graduation and a final celebration.

Learn more about Young Dairy Leaders Institute or add your name to the list to be notified when Class 11 applications become available at the Holstein Foundation web site!

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